Evangelization: Catholic Style!

What does it mean for a Catholic to evangelize? The word "evangelize" means to share our faith, to bring the Good News of Jesus into every life situation and seeking the threefold conversion of ourselves, of others and of our entire society. Unfortunately, most Catholics tend to think that is something that Protestant Christians "do" or, said another way, most Catholics are unsure what evangelization looks like and/or how to do it.

By volunteering and participating in the many outreach groups and activities listed in this section we can setup situations where we can have an opportunity to share our faith and bring the Good News of Jesus into the lives of those around us such that there is conversion.

As Catholics we are ask to share our time, talent and treasure.  In tough economic times we can share by volunteering and participating in our many Outreach opportunities.  May we all be given the wisdom and grace to recogize how much we can give.