FR.Xavier's Homily for January 22nd 2017

Third Sunday of Ordinary Time


Three men were pacing nervously outside the delivery room at a hospital when the head nurse came out beaming.  To the first she said, "Congratulations, sir, you are the father of twins." "Terrific!" said the man, "I just signed a contract with the Minnesota Twins and this'll be great press." To the second man the nurse said, "Congratulations to you too.  You are the father of healthy triplets!" "Fantastic!" he said.  "I'm the vice-president of 3-M Company. This'll be great P.R.!" At that point, the third man turned and ran for the door. "What's wrong, sir?  Where are you going?" called the nurse. As he jumped into his car, the man shouted, "I'm dashing to my office to resign.  I'm the president of 7-UP!"


Dear Friends,

Every leader has a base of background and space for his leadership. As Jesus begins His public ministry, He brings the text of Isaiah and tells that the people those who were in darkness will see the light, and enjoy the light in different ways.

The arrest of John the Baptist was a starting point of Jesus ministry in public. In His opening mission, He quoted the text of Isaiah, which gives the idea that He will bring the light, since He is the light of the world. He brings a new life, life of healing, life of conversion.

The Central theme, the preaching of Jesus is summed up in His announcement; Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. The people who preached across the gospels about the kingdom started saying, ‘Repent, change your ways. First John the Baptist came with the same expression (Mark 1: 4) Jesus started His preaching in today’s Gospel. Jesus passed on the same message to His disciples and the disciples also preached the same and indicated the kingdom of heaven is near or at hand; repent.

Christianity is a religion of light which destroys the darkness by bringing light. Matthew tells us that the people to whom Jesus brought His ministry had been sitting in darkness, but that Jesus' coming had brought them a great Light. He established His ministry among the apparently small and insignificant places and people who, nevertheless, were central for God's purposes. We, too, need to introduce Christ’s Light into the darkness of prejudice, war, abuse, social injustice, hunger, poverty, ignorance, greed, anger, vengeance and apathy. Today, we remember the Pro- life. Every human being from the womb of the mother should see and enjoy the same light. We need to introduce Christ’s light to this unborn babies.

Bringing this light, Jesus finds the help of the people who were later called Apostles. He called the four of them. Here the point to be recognized is that Jesus went out to the shore reaching them, He called them to be His Company. Immediately they all left their business and family, kith and kins. Usually, the students seek out their teachers and attached themselves to them. However, Jesus goes to their place and calls them. The teachers would like to keep the ideal students, rather Jesus selected ordinary folk who would give Him themselves.  What Jesus taught His disciples was not a course of study, but a way of life to follow. Hence, He offered these men the opportunity to observe Him close at hand on a daily basis.  Given the relatively small size of Lower Galilee and close proximity of the Galilean places named in the Gospel, there is no need to assume that those who followed Jesus never returned home again. 

He said to them, “Come after Me, I will make you fishers of men.”  The Gospel continues to say that He walked along and found other too.

Here as millennial people at church, Jesus challenges about going out and bring people to Jesus. Most of the times we talk about people who are not going to the church in our church. Jesus says to us go out, see people and bring them back into light from their darkness. The people who preached the word of god went out to the different places and brought people into Christ. Ex. Francis Xavier, Mother Theresa, Pope Francis invites us to go out to the people who are in need of knowing Christ. We need to be a messenger of Christ into their lives. we are asked by Jesus to take on the work of discipleship. Let us be shining lights in the world as Christ was and make a personal effort to bring others to the Truth and the Light, so that they may rejoice with us in the mystical Body of Christ, the present, developing form of the Kingdom of God.  As we continue with the celebration of the Holy Mass, let us ask the Lord Jesus to give us the strength and perseverance to answer His calling so that we may faithfully serve the Lord according to His Divine Will.


The story is told about a despondent man who complained to his mother: “I’ve stopped going to the church for two reasons: I don’t like the people and the people don’t like me.”

The mother gazed at him and consoling him by saying: “My son you should go back to church for two reasons: you’re already fifty-five years old and you are their parish priest.”


Submitted by xavier santiago
Date Published: 01/21/2017